Thin sheet metal fins

We offer a wide range of services from development to mass production of various thin sheet metal fins, such as corrugated, offset, waving, and folding ones for those who are working in R&D, Design, or Purchasing and looking for smart solutions for heat problems.

Ultra-Thin Metal Fins

One-stop services ranging from analysis & design to prototyping to mass production

Folding fins processed with a unique method

Prototype evaluations possible using standard fins

Thin sheet metal fins with wide width (max. 600 mm) & high aspect ratio manufacturable

Advantages of reducing the thickness

To increase heat radiation efficiency
extended surface
To promote turbulence
complicated shapes
Mass production cost
No initial cost required if using standard fins
A wide range of materials manageable
Aluminum, Copper, Stainless, Inconel, and Iron-based plated steel plates

Variation of fin shape

  • Offset Fin

    Offset Fin

  • Corrugated Fin

    Corrugated Fin

  • Waving fin

    Waving Fin

  • Waving fin

    Waving Fin

  • Waving fin

    Waving Fin

  • Waving fin

    Waving Fin

  • Folding fin (curved surface)

    Folding Fin (curved surface)

  • Folding fin

    Folding Fin

  • Folding fin (wrapping)

    Folding Fin (wrapping)

Fin processing of various materials and shapes

Fin shapes that can meet various needs of customers available Your challenges will be solved in a smart manner by reducing thickness and at low cost.

Support for Machining of Fins of Various Shapes and Materials

Leave it to Kyoto Shisaku Net to Produce Your Heat-Sink Fins

A consortium of Japanese prototyping companies working to concretely realize the customer’s demands.
We can provide customization to accommodate for materials and intended use.

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