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Discussing how companies do business with Kyoto Shisaku Net


Supporting independent living of
the elderly using Android devices

Noriaki Kuwahara
Associate Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology, engineering PhD in Cutting Edge fibro-science

Ryuji Kanda
Director of Kyoso Technology Co., Ltd.


New approaches for
media communication robots

Reo Matsumura
Robotics researcher at ATR Ltd. (Advanced Telecommunications Research International)

Masatoshi Takeda
President of crossEffect Ltd., CEO of Kyoto Shisaku Net


Exploring the possibilities of
cutting edge processing technologies for
solar power generation in the year 2030

Katsuo Kisara
JAXA R&D, Unexplored Technology Center, Head Researcher in the Precision Mission Research Group

Shosaku Yamamoto
Vice President of Hilltop Co., Ltd., Engineering lecturer at Nagoya Institute of Technology

Leave it to Kyoto Shisaku Net to Prototyping

A consortium of Japanese prototyping companies working to concretely realize the customer’s demands.
We can provide customization to accommodate for materials and intended use.

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