One-Stop Support
from Planning to
Mass Production

We offer the highest quality prototyping service from our base in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto Shisaku Net works to solve various issues in each manufacturing process. We provide integrated support, planning the design, proposing a processing method, conducting rapid prototyping through metal and resin processing, and even providing advice on mass production. We will always contact you within 24 hours of receiving a request. We can also greatly reduce turnaround by promoting a concurrent workflow for each process. Speeding up the product development cycle results in your product entering the market more quickly.


Makers Boot Camp

Kyoto Shisaku Net is based in Kyoto, a major hub for global manufacturing enterprises. By collaborating with Makers Boot Camp, which provides support for hardware/IoT startups designed for mass product, we hope to increase contact with venture enterprises, and take initiative on prototyping that focuses on new development. Our goal is to solve the wide-ranging issues facing the world’s hardware and IoT startups, and to build new business opportunities in the Japanese manufacturing industry. We are also working to create an ecosystem in Kyoto that will make Japan synonymous with hardware. Working alongside Makers Boot Camp, we hope to turn Kyoto into the capital of manufacturing start-ups.

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9 Mar 2018
KYOTO SHISAKU NET participated in MD&M WEST 2018
26 Jan 2018
KYOTO SHISAKU NET will participate in MD&M WEST 2018
19 Dec 2017
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